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How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work? All You Need to Know


Employee monitoring tool is a modern solution for tracking the employee activities and for monitoring their engagement in duties and tasks. Nowadays, from small businesses to large enterprises, all the companies are adapting different types of employee activity trackers to improve productivity, enhance data security and track employee attendance.


Employee Monitoring Software Windows Provides Multiple Functionalities


The employee activity tracker allows the companies to track the employee productivity in multiple ways. The modern technology allows companies to monitor 100% of employee communication and activities.


Here are the ways employee activity tracker can be implemented:


- While using employee monitoring tool, you can 24x7 track your employee activities using internet and application usage. You can identify what sites and what applications your employees are accessing. The companies can learn where and how the employees are spending their time online

- Companies can track the emails of employees for ensure data security. Through emails, the employees can share the company data and thus, while ensuring safe data transfer through emails, companies can prevent any data theft

- Through easy computer screen recording, companies can keep a track of all the activities going on within a computer. Computer screen recording allows analyzing all the windows opened on a specific computer, tracking all the applications and recording all the activities going on in a computer.

- Some employee activity tracker softwares and applications can also be installed on the phones and can track the activities of the phone. If the companies are offering phones to their employees, the activities can be easily monitored through an employee monitoring tool

- Another way in which, companies can monitor the employee activities is through video/audio surveillance. The employee monitoring softwares windows provide a detailed report of employee communication and activities through audio and video surveillance

- In some business ventures where employees need to move out for sales purposes, it is important to rack the employee activity. For example food chains that deliver food at home and commercial properties, insurance companies that send sales employees for sales purposes allot their vehicles and resources to the employees to reach out to the customers. It is possible that the employees may misuse the company resources and vehicles and thus, the GPS tracking is utilized for tracking the employee location.

- The same way employee activity tracker can be utilized by the companies. The feature of location tracking by access badge can help companies to identify the employee’s location easily.


While utilizing different employee monitoring tools, the companies working in different areas can determine everything from employee location to employee communication. This data can be used further for making important decisions like making salary increments, for organizing motivational activities, for improving performance and such tasks.


The data derived from the employee activity tracker can be used to analyze the behavior of each employee and for improving performance.