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Try Out the Best Employee Monitoring Software 2019


Employee Work Management understanding is very important nowadays for smooth functioning and productivity growth in the company. Employee monitoring or tracking software perpetrate a lot of things. For effective and efficient employee monitoring software 2019 you can opt for FairTrak, that offers you amazing employing monitoring software. It let you keep an eye on all the employee activities and provide transparency in work. It helps you to know what are your employees up to and increase efficiency in working. You can know where your employees are spending time so that you can spot it and stop waste of time. For more information, visit https://www.fairtrak.com/



Top Benefits of Employee Attendance Tracking Tools


Nowadays, almost all the companies have employee attendance tracking systems. Tracking attendance is a part of the real time employee tracking system. This software allows in establishing punctuality and mannerism in the company. The employee activity tracker come with a lot of customized features that help companies manage the employee activities.


There are certain benefits of the employee attendance tracking tools that help companies monitor the employee activities and improve their performances. Here are the considerable benefits of employee tracking tools:


The Software is Fast and Accurate than Traditional Methods


When the attendance is tracked while using an employee activity tracker tool, the data you get is highly accurate and speedy. The entire process of attendance becomes rapid and can be done within minutes. Companies won’t require hours to process and submit the requests. No mails are required and while using a single web portal, all tasks can be performed efficiently. This ultimately saves time and offers high end security features like finger print detection, biometric password etc. Employee tracking tool offers swift and instant attendance tracking.


Attendance Profiling


The attendance tracking procedure for large companies is very hectic as there are hundreds and thousands of employees working in the firm. Attendance profiling pulls data from multiple areas. The employee activity trackers showcases the average time worked, the overtime done, the record of absence etc in a very organized and accessible way. Along with this, the data can be analyzed and used for payroll.


Self Service for the Employees


Employee attendance tracking can work as an automatic tool that reduces efforts. The employee tracking tool adjusts automatically with the need of employer and tracks the employees that are working at a collaborated space or remotely. The self service modules makes sure that all the employees get equal access to the software and can use it remotely.

Employees can Ask for Leaves from the System


The employee attendance tracking software have ditched the manual process of seeking a leave. The employee activity tracker comes with built in features using which, they can ask for leaves. Either it is a web based or mobile software, employees can ask for sick leaves, annual leaves, paid leaves etc in an easy and convenient way. Once the request has been submitted from the tracking system, it will be considered without any manual communication saving time of the employer as well as the employees.


It is a Multi Featured Tool


The employee monitoring tools act as an effective time tracking system that monitors the time of employees from anywhere. Employees as well as employers can track the time, view the time and this cuts down the administrative cost and time wastage. The employees also have access to the same time clock for submission and tracking the projects. The tool also comes with security and safety features. Nobody can alter the data saved on the system making it a very reliable and dependable employee monitoring tool.

Source: http://www.fairtrak.com

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work? All You Need to Know


Employee monitoring tool is a modern solution for tracking the employee activities and for monitoring their engagement in duties and tasks. Nowadays, from small businesses to large enterprises, all the companies are adapting different types of employee activity trackers to improve productivity, enhance data security and track employee attendance.


Employee Monitoring Software Windows Provides Multiple Functionalities


The employee activity tracker allows the companies to track the employee productivity in multiple ways. The modern technology allows companies to monitor 100% of employee communication and activities.


Here are the ways employee activity tracker can be implemented:


- While using employee monitoring tool, you can 24x7 track your employee activities using internet and application usage. You can identify what sites and what applications your employees are accessing. The companies can learn where and how the employees are spending their time online

- Companies can track the emails of employees for ensure data security. Through emails, the employees can share the company data and thus, while ensuring safe data transfer through emails, companies can prevent any data theft

- Through easy computer screen recording, companies can keep a track of all the activities going on within a computer. Computer screen recording allows analyzing all the windows opened on a specific computer, tracking all the applications and recording all the activities going on in a computer.

- Some employee activity tracker softwares and applications can also be installed on the phones and can track the activities of the phone. If the companies are offering phones to their employees, the activities can be easily monitored through an employee monitoring tool

- Another way in which, companies can monitor the employee activities is through video/audio surveillance. The employee monitoring softwares windows provide a detailed report of employee communication and activities through audio and video surveillance

- In some business ventures where employees need to move out for sales purposes, it is important to rack the employee activity. For example food chains that deliver food at home and commercial properties, insurance companies that send sales employees for sales purposes allot their vehicles and resources to the employees to reach out to the customers. It is possible that the employees may misuse the company resources and vehicles and thus, the GPS tracking is utilized for tracking the employee location.

- The same way employee activity tracker can be utilized by the companies. The feature of location tracking by access badge can help companies to identify the employee’s location easily.


While utilizing different employee monitoring tools, the companies working in different areas can determine everything from employee location to employee communication. This data can be used further for making important decisions like making salary increments, for organizing motivational activities, for improving performance and such tasks.


The data derived from the employee activity tracker can be used to analyze the behavior of each employee and for improving performance.

Things to Look for in an Employee Performance Evaluation Software


Are you an entrepreneur or manage an HR department of your company? Then, you should be aware of some persistent struggles of managing the HR resources and tasks. An HR manager has to continuously monitor the employee performances and report the upper channels of the company about employee performance and activities. Employee performance management software can turn immensely beneficial for the HR manager as well as for the founders of small business in many ways.


A lot of companies still wonder if it is important to use any employee productivity measurement tool for a small or large company. However, for any company, it is important to track and maintain the performance of employees for enhancing the success of any company.


Employee performance evaluation software plays a vital role in determining the performance of your employees and by analysing the performance, increasing their productivity. So what other features should you look for in an employee performance evaluation software? Know here:


How Simple and Secure the Software Is?


The best 2 features any employee performance evaluation software can offer are simplicity and security. Not all the users are extremely familiar with the system of software and thus, user-friendliness and intuitive GUI is needed. The simple GUI is easy to implement than complex and high-end software and thus, check how simple and flexible the software is. The other aspect of measuring any employee productivity measurement tool is the level of security it offers. The company and customer data should be protected at any cost and thus, choose a software that offers complete data security.


How Profitable the Software Is? Does the Software Offer Profitability Measurement?


Performance rate of any project can be increased while regularly measuring employee productivity and the results of employee performance. This prevents waste of time and resources and thus checks how capable the software is to measure profitability. The Employee performance evaluation software that is sharp at measuring profitability and provides accurate results is desirable and thus, companies must keep this feature in mind.


Is It a Customizable Software?


Not all the businesses are the same and thus, the requirements of all the businesses differ. In such a scenario, it is important to check how customizable the software is. While researching about the software, check at what extend the software is customizable. A lot of software make the business owners change their rules and system processes for better compatibility and thus, choose a customizable Employee performance management software that is flexible.


Does It Allow Third-Party App Integration?


No matter how effective your Employee performance evaluation software is, it cannot perform multiple tasks if it cannot be integrated with other apps. Multiple apps all together can help the companies perform multiple tasks with a single system and thus, check if 3rd party app integration is possible. This will help you create a complete project management system that can be used for multiple tasks.

Assess Employees with Employee Performance Assessment Software

Employee assessment is crucial and critical to any firm. Being a manager, you must get the most out of your employees. The employee evaluation process includes numerous inter-connected steps so that the manager can not only estimate and review employee performance, but it will also incorporate future performance goals and expectations.

Employee evaluation should also be considered as a communication means for the manager. Performance assessments should motivate employees to perform better. The employee performance assessment is a very good opportunity to let the employee know that they are appreciated and required to assist make the company thriving.

The manager should endeavor for consistency and balance. Apply assessment criteria to all employees, not just for selected one. For better performance assessment, you should use employee performance assessment software to assist you.

The manager should demonstrate what the company can deliver in the future with the employee’s help. You should consider employee assessment to motivate them not to intimidate them so that they perform better and your company will grow.

Source: http://www.fairtrak.com